Frequently Asked Questions

We thought you might have some questions!

We know we won’t answer ALL of your questions but we hope that these give you a head start. Feel free to contact us with additional questions about the programs. 

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Absolutely not! Runners are runners, regardless of their pace. Our diverse group accommodates various paces, with pace groups ranging from 7 to 15 minutes per mile, including Run/Walk and Walkers. All abilities are welcome!

With our large group size and diverse pace groups, chances are high that you’ll find companions matching your pace and distance. Plus, we offer loop options, allowing you to run together longer with others.

100% yes! We welcome new runners at the beginning of each spring (January) and summer/fall (June) program. Our friendly members are eager to share their experiences and help newcomers navigate the joys and challenges of running. For those easing into running, our Run/Walk leader guides them through a gradual transition, with many progressing to faster pace groups over time.

While we primarily meet for the longest run of the week on Saturday mornings, offering aid stations and scenic routes, etc., we also have informal groups that meet throughout the week in different parts of the city. Additionally, we organize Tuesday evening speed and hill workouts, Wednesday evening free, fun, 4 mile runs in downtown KCMO from the lightwell building, and Thursday evening strength & mobility classes.

Unlike many free running groups, we prioritize injury prevention. With up to 8 out of 10 runners getting injured each year, our program focuses on reducing this risk through various measures, including pre-run warm-ups, post-run recovery tools, weekly training tips, and a comprehensive training handbook. We also collaborate with health professionals to offer complimentary evaluations during group runs.

Plus, we foster much more camaraderie with pace groups and more adventure with the variety of locations we run and work out at to make running more enjoyable!  In short, our goal is to create Happy, Healthy Runners!

Certainly! We encourage you to experience a complimentary session of any of our programs to determine if it’s the right fit for you. Contact Coach Valdez to arrange your trial session.

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