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Treating every runner with the same respect, encouragement, and duty to help them succeed at their own fitness goals. 

Why Runner's Edge of Kansas City?

We are the premier Kansas City running and walking fitness training group. With over 250 participants, we come to invite you on a Saturday run to see what it is all about. 

More Than a Training Group

We will ensure that you are welcomed and become a part of the team and journey rather than just being another runner in a group. 

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Reasons to Join and Running Facts

This is the part where we telling you why joining a running training group is better than trying to train on your own for a long distance race. Plus we threw in some tidbits that might help you during your training if you don't choose us!


We know you may have extra questions before reaching out, signing up for a session, or coming out for a complimentary training session, so we drew a few up here to hopefully answer those questions ahead of time.

Health Directory

Often we face runners with injuries, it happens to everyone and every path back to running is difficult. We provide a mass referral list for specific medical professionals in the Kansas City area.

Podcast Features and Blogs

Every now and then someone catches some wind about what we are doing here in Kansas City and graciously ask us to join their podcast, v-log, or speak at their community events to speak more about our groups. Usually it's just us rambling away about running topics. Click the image for our blog and scroll down for our podcasts features!

Check us out on these podcasts!

Discover the wisdom of Coach Eladio Valdez as he shares his insights on two captivating podcasts! 

Tune in to the Trevor Theismann podcast and delve into discussions on athletic training, mindset, and achieving peak performance. Or, lace up your shoes and join the journey on Mike Nielsen’s Runner’s Resource podcast, where Coach Valdez provides invaluable tips and strategies for runners of all levels. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your game with Coach Valdez’s expertise!

The Runner's Resource: Effective Running Coaching with Eladio Valdez

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