1. It’s a lot more fun to run with others! All abilities are welcome!

  2. It's fun and convenient to run on a variety of marked, scenic courses with aid stations every 2 miles

  3. Through our High Reward/Low Risk Training System, we correct the most common mistakes runners make to keep the injury risk low and take your running and racing to a new level

  4. There's lots of education in the form of a 300 page training handbook, weekly training tips, & clinics

  5. You get a 20% discount at Garry Gribble's Running Sports stores (25% when we meet at a store for a group run) along with lots of 15% or more race discounts

  6. You get to proudly wear a high quality Runner's Edge running shirt

  7. It's very flexible to meet your needs - you pick the race, training distance, and pace from among our various training schedules with super low to high mileage levels, and slow to fast pace groups

  8. With 3 main sessions year round, you can join whenever you want - in the spring to get in shape, in the summer/fall to get in peak shape, or through the holidays to stay in shape

  9. With many scenic trails and neighborhoods, each Saturday brings adventure as we explore new routes

  10. For those who want to get faster, we offer our innovative, cutting edge Tuesday speed sessions and Wednesday mobility & strength classes to lower your injury risk

Fast fact
-Now in its 20th year with an average of 200+ participants, The Runner’s Edge has become one of largest,longest running, and most successful training programs in the country!

The basics

-We have organized Saturday group long runs at a variety of health related businesses & scenic routes throughout the city with multiple mileage options along with loop options to run more with your group

-There are 12 pace groups ranging from 7:00/mile to 12:00/mile, Run/Walk and Walker groups to choose from, each led by a pace group leader who helps the group warm up intelligently

-Although most participants train for half marathons and marathons, we have a 5K/10K as well as an ultra marathon program. You also get complimentary evaluations with health professionals at group runs

-Highly flexible and practical, time efficient training schedules for a variety of races with low, mid, and high mileage levels on 3 to 6 days of running with optional cross training to pick up where you’ve left off – something for everyone

-Our training handbook offers lots of practical training tips on nutrition, stretching, injury prevention, etc.

Our Schedule – we meet year round
Spring Program: late January to early June
*mid-spring session from April to mid June for those who want to skip the cold weather
-Tuesday speed sessions from mid February to late May with a mid-spring option from April-May
-Wednesday Mobility & Strength Classes to keep you healthy and improve your running

Fall Program: late June to late October
*mid-fall session from late August to late October for those who want to skip the hot weather
-Tuesday speed sessions from mid July to early October with a mid-fall option late August-October
-Wednesday Mobility & Strength Classes to keep you healthy and improve your running

Winter Program: mid November to mid January
-Wednesday Mobility & Strength Classes to build your running body and improve your running

How to Get Started
-To learn more about The Runner’s Edge and all of its programs, go to www.runnersedgekc.com or contact Coach Valdez at [email protected]

*Enjoy a complimentary workout with us anytime to check out any program firsthand*

About the Coach - Eladio J. Valdez III

As running coach and director of this program since 1997, Eladio has helped hundreds of runners and walkers achieve their goals. Since running consistently beginning in 1982, he has completed many 5K's to marathons along with 3 Boston Marathons including the 100th in 1996. His education includes Bachelor's Degrees in Exercise Science and Health Education at the University of Kansas.

Coach Eladio Valdez III