SmartPacing Teams are organized by Coach Eladio Valdez of the Runner’s Edge of Kansas City and by David Manthey of the Runner’s Edge of the Rockies.

They use a strategy of pacing smart in a race, rather than an even pace, which most pace teams do. The truth is that most runners do not run even splits for their half & full marathon. SmartPacers take elevation changes into account and run by even effort (not pace).

By starting out conservatively, our SmartPace Teams are able to have more runners stick with them and ultimately finish strong in their races. Customized pace bands are provided by

97.6% would run with the pacers again (or recommend them to friends).

81% agreed that running with the SmartPace teams had a big impact on their race

77% believed that the pacing strategy helped them finish stronger. They said:

"I especially appreciate how they helped me to NOT go out too fast which gave me enough energy at the end to leave them and finish strong, beating my previous PR."

65% came in at or above their goal time. An additional 26% said that they just missed it but were still happy with their race.

75% believed that the SmartPace teams had a team spirit, told them what was coming up, explained their pacing strategy & followed it & cared about the success of the team members.

"It made the thinking part of the race a somewhat non issue and I was able to just run. That made it much more relaxing and fun!"fast

“It was nice letting someone else ‘drive.’ Aid stations and hills were announced before we got there, so we could get ready for them.”

83% said that the pacers provided motivation during the race.

To find out more about upcoming races which SmartPacing teams will pace, visit or tell your race director that you would like SmartPace Teams at your upcoming race.