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There are many competent, runner/walker friendly health professionals in Kansas City. The ones I am choosing to list for your convenience are people that have helped several participants over the years and have a proven track record in the areas where noted.

Chronic and nerve injuries
Physical Therapist Esteban Azevedo, 816-468-5278 / esteban@modernPT.com

Foot injuries
Podiatrist Dr. John Riley, 816-561-7388
Podiatrist - Dr. Mark Landry, 913-438-9898

General Injuries
Sports Medicine Doctor - Dr. Sean Wheeler, 913-469-6447
Orthopaedic Surgeon - Dr. Michael Khadavi, 913-642-0200 / www.c-ortho.com

General and back injuries
Physical Therapist - Chris Karson, 913-253-8980 / chris.karson@hotmail.com

General injuries / Running Form specialist
Physical Therapist - Jack Cady, 816-224-0040 / jcady11@comcast.net / www.stridemechanics.com

Joint and Soft tissue injuries
Sports Chiropractor Dr. Josh Van Zandt, 913-322-4100 / http://www.financhiropractic.com/ Sports Chiropractor - Dr. Matt Lane, 913-745-4064 / drlane@fitmjc.com
Sports Chiropractor Dr. Kirk Iodice, 913-764-2271 / kchealthandsport.com
Sports Chiropractor Dr. Tony Phillips, 913-888-4845 / Sportsbackdoc@gmail.com
Sports Chiropractor/Accupuncture Dr. Toby Scott, 913-393-1303 / www.procarekc.com
Sports Chiropractor/Graston Technique - Dr. Tom Teter, 816-729-0947 / teterjr@yahoo.com
Sports Chiropractor - Dr. Tom Cotter, 913-341-1200 / www.ahsKC.com
Sports Chiropractor - Dr. Justin Hildebrand, 816-584-0413 / www.kcnsjc.com
Sports Chiropractor - Dr. Robert Sindorf, 913-499-1027 / www.elitechirocare.com

Maintenance and soft tissue injuries
Sports Massage Therapist - Barb Rinne, 816-392-7501 / barbrinne@sbcglobal.net

Sports nutrition, weight management, eating disorders
Nutritionist - Sally Berry, 913-648-2568 / www.simplybodyfuel.com

General Injuries and Sports Performance
Physical Therapist - Andrew Dischinger, 913-642-7746 / www.sportspinekc.com
Dan Lorenz, 913-904-1128 / www.ssorkc.com